Debbie Cohen‎ Posted on Sheba Mason's Wall (Facebook July 22, 2015)
Thanks for accepting my Friend Request. I LOVED LOVED the "Jackie Mason Musical" !! The whole cast is full of such talent. My favorite part was when you were choosing what to wear for a date (trying hard not to spoil it). Pure genious!! I have never seen that before and I loved it! 

REVIEW:"... a magnificent, undiscovered gem with a talented ensemble cast and inspiring, well-written music. I saw the show the last time it had a run in New York and I became a big fan of the music."

Review: Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens, Volume X, Issue 5 (2015)  Online Edition of Applause! Applause!  Reviewed 7/15/15 at 2:00 p.m.  (CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE REVIEW)

​Ian Wehrle is a remarkably talented actor and impersonator. He does a spot-on Jackie Mason and has all his gestures and intonations down pat. Sheba Mason, who plays herself and her mother Ginger, is a vivacious force of nature; a bright light and a charismatic presence on stage. Eric Anthony Lopez  recently appeared as a Featured Contestant on American Idol on FOX and clearly has the voice and acting talent to make his mark in this musical. Jennifer Yadav was extraordinary as Mrs. Olivier. Trevor Crane... does a good job playing Wooley the Schlepalong (Jackie's wing man), who delivers invitations to young women to attend Jackie's shows and to have dinner with him.The two Rascal House waitresses were Mary Lauren (Trixie, dressed as a French maid), and the hilarious Jasmine Renee Thomas (Rosa, the Cranky Waitress dressed in black leotards and bunny ears). Although there was no intermission between Act 1 and Act 2, you still get to see Rosa bent over cleaning up the restaurant. All I will say is that you will get to see the dark side of the moon, up close and personal!


REVIEW - Jeffrey Gurian

I truly did not expect a performance of the caliber that I saw. I expected maybe a .22 caliber and this was like a .357 Magnum caliber! (LOL) It’s the story of how Sheba came to be as the result of a 10 year romance between her mother and comedian Jackie Mason. ...........

Review - Highly recommend! 

Review: TheaterMania by Honey88    

This is a funny, quirky, musical, 23 great songs...... The outrageous concept alone is worth the price of admission, but the audience walks away with so much more. Ill be humming "I Love the Early Bird Special" the next time I eat in a diner, and after "Truth in Jest", the antics of the insult comedian will never be quite the same.......The writing, singing, and performances are all first rate; I absolutely loved this show!

Review - Yuletide Snapper (Click Here)

"The eccentric title of this Off Broadway musical foreshadows comic relief, but it doesn’t fully prepare you for the hysterical antics, controversial scenes, and the emotional roller coaster ride of the plot that ensues.  Actors might know how to make us laugh, but not all actors can do comedy. Trevor Crane, however, proves to be the exception as he takes comedic acting to new heights and delivers a solid performance in the musical comedy..." 702 Punchlines and Pregnant  by Ginger Reiter and Sheba Mason."

Review - Go and See It!

Review: Broadway Box  Glinda Good Witch  

​I saw this show today with some friends. We had a great time. It was funny and silly and touching all at the same time...... the music was catchy and the cast talented. They were each and everyone of them was excellent. The bellydance number made me practically wet my pants!! had a great time. check it out!me time...... the music was incredibly infectious! ~


By Daniel Yusum - The Examiner August 15, 2015

REVIEW: "" astonishing show that was touching, yet hilarious. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh, terrific musical numbers, and an entertaining show!  Rating: 5 Stars

Last week, I had the pleasure of viewing the Jackie Mason Musical live at the Davenport Theatre in Midtown Manhattan......It was an astonishing show....The musical numbers were terrific, yet humorous, at the same time, and gave the story a unique taste to it. ..... . Ian Wehrle did a phenomenal job playing the lead role in this musical, as Jackie Mason. Sheba Mason, who played herself and her mother, Ginger Reiter, gave a comical introductory segment in the play, along with a splendid performance as her mother, presenting the love affair between her and Jackie in an amusing, yet authentic manner. ......"an astonishing show that was touching, yet hilarious. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh, terrific musical numbers, and an entertaining show".